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December 2016
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Invitation to a site full of memories!

This is an invitation. Maybe you are wondering "An invitation for what?"

This is an invitation for YOU to be part of this incredible partnership that it's been going for 18 years.

But still, maybe you are asking yourself, "How can I be part of it?"

Well we'll tell you how:

  • if you are one of the students that was part of the visits that took place between the Dutch Calvijn College and the Romanian Emanuel Christian High-school between 1993-2011;
  • or if you are one of the teachers that accompanied the students in one (or more) of those years – if you have pictures, videos, memories of those times and places;
  • and if you long to ‘go back’ and relive the moments spent with friend, brothers, families, churches, and places

THEN you are invited to bring all that you have in your heart and hard-drive about Calvijn-Emanuel history, and help us make here ‘A place where history is written’, for us and for the ones that will come, and let everybody know how far and up we can go when we are together



        Dear friends of this site, we are glad to let you know that we have some good news regarding this beautiful relationship between the two schools. First of all, the most wonderful thing is that the Romanian choir of Emanuel Highschool formed of students from the school and a relatively small number of graduates ( three of them, to be more precise) are going to visit Calvjin College and to share some helpful activities together in October.

         The second great thing is that we can inform you about some of the things that they are going to do together, so that even if you are not going to be there with them, you can still know about their activities and you can be part of their joy. So, two of the activities are going to be:

  1. on the 5th of  October they are going to visit together the wetlands of Zeeland. If you would like to know more about this, or to see some pictures you can access the following link: 




2. on the 6th of October they will be welcomed to the celebration of 50 years with Delta Works that is dealing with water management. "The site is ideal as a resource or to show your family and friends (possibly abroad) this small marvel of Dutch Water Engineering." Indeed it is, so we are inviting you to visit their site at the following link:




These are the latest news for now, but we will keep you informed as soon as we hear some more about these visit or about any other initiative.